Fat Brad


The Project

Fat Brad The Cookbook is a definitive exploration into the on-screen eating habits of William Bradley “Brad” Pitt. Part fan fantasy, part filmic study, Fat Brad meticulously reimagines the best scenes where Brad chomps. From Rusty’s carpark burger in Ocean’s 11 to Tyler’s questionable Seafood Bisque in Fight Club, no plate is left unturned. Fat Brad is the first in a series of pop culture inspired cookbooks by Melbourne based collective Long Prawn. Books that feed fandom, fascinations and of course, your gut.


My Role

As co-editor and co-writer of Fat Brad, I co-wrote and co-edited the prologue and introductions for 17 recipes in collaboration with the Long Prawn team.

“Impeccable in every sense of the word; just when the wheels fell of this project, Tara was there to clarify and distill our words. 10/10” – Long Prawn


• Since launching at the Tokyo Art Book Fair in September 2016, Fat Brad has sold out of its first run of 1000 copies.

• Online visits: 6,458 (unique)

• Online reach: 50-100 million (est. impressions)

• Stockists: Fat Brad is stocked locally and internationally, notably at the TATE Modern in London, Colette in Paris, and Daikanyama T-Site in Tokyo.

• Media: Fat Brad has been featured in publications such as New York Magazine, Paper Magazine and Lucky Peach.


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